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The Vegan Network Louis Kerckhof Amy Haghebaert

Amy Haghebaert

is a photography student.
Photographed by Louis Kerckhof.
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What is your number one reason to be a vegan?


My #1 reason to be a vegan is compassion for the animals (animal rights) and the environment. Speaking up for them because they can't. Exploitation, mistreating, (over) breeding of animals just to feed the so called "needs" of us humans is just wrong, very unnecessary and it's the number one reason for global warming. We don't need all of that to survive and have a good life, people should read up on that. And I am by no means trying to convince anyone to become a vegan or vegetarian, I just want people to open their eyes and minds a little more, the world would be a much better place. Every tiny bit helps.

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