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The Vegan Network Jana Germanus Benoit Van Den Broeck

Benoit Van den Broeck

is a animal rights campaginer.
Photographed by Jana Germanus.
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Do you think being vegan makes a difference?


Science tells us veganism is part of the solution to end global warming, so it can save our planet from destruction. Tons of evidence points out that meat and dairy are not sustainable. Besides that we stay healthy with plant-based foods. We save hundreds of animals’ lives…
So yes! We can make a difference by choosing what we buy. The vegan movement is growing fast.
What is important to me is that we bring veganism to a wider audience.
As an animal rights campaigner I work to reveal the suffering of animals in meat and dairy production. At the same time it’s important to come with solutions: promoting veganism in every possible way.
There is a saying: think globally, act locally.
If we all contribute as individuals and organisations, we can reach the tipping point and change this society at it’s core.

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