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The Vegan Network Senne Van Der Ven Bruno Pieters Honest By

Bruno Pieters

is a fashion designer.
Photographed by Senne Van der Ven.
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What is your number one reason to be a vegan?


There are many reasons why I'm vegan today. A plant based diet has improved my health, it has reduced my carbon footprint,...But the number one reason, for me, is probably my belief that our ultimate purpose on this planet is to be or become who we are- humane beings.
All creatures on earth have a clear purpose and all of them sacredly fulfil that purpose. And I believe we too have something unique to offer. We can save, we can heal, we can protect and we can admire life and all its mysteries.
To be human, to be a kind and compassionate entity, isn't the easiest mission but we are all qualified for it.
What is going on in the meat and fish industry today is in my opinion not in sync with our truth.
I have nothing against the people who work in those industries and it would be unfair to blame them for supplying a demand. Neither is it my ambition to tell people how to live their lives. I love this old idiom 'live and let live', it expresses the idea that all should be able to live their lives in the way they want to, regardless of what someone may think of them.
I am grateful for my own awareness. And a plant based diet is one way of honouring that awareness.
We might still live in a society where the majority of the population ignores its own humanity. But what gives me hope is that despite everything that is going on, there is a growing and sincere desire for change in the world. These might be dark times but there are more and more individuals who are waking up. And their enlightenment woke me up.
Even if sometimes I can get discouraged or tired and just want to go back to sleep, somehow the truth of who I am always reemerges. A truth that keeps me on track. Mankind has a long way to go. I have a long way to go. But it is nice to see the road ahead is getting brighter.

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