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The Vegan Network Caroline Rome

Caroline Rome

I am... Badass and Vegan. .
Photographed by Kaat Pype.
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Badass And Vegan.
That’s a bold statement. How badass are you really?


'm probably not that badass, compared to Batman or Michelle O. or even Beyoncé, you have to know your limits, right :-)?
But for me and my (small) world I'm pretty Badass and that's all that matters.
As a little girl, I already wanted to take the other, not so obvious path.
Everybody tried to lock me in a closet, a box, a harness, a way of living, and sometimes I would obey, but that didn't work for long.
So at some point, I just stopped all that pretending, listened to my heart and start being me.
And from time to time, that's 'flamboyant', extravert and pretty loud.
I walked the pilgrimage of Santiago de Compostella, not having a clue what a backpack looks like.
I traveled to Bali, to dive into a bath of cleansing and medical magicians.
I got up on a stage and had my 5 minutes of fame with my own show.
I went to the US and volunteered in an animal sanctuary, freezing my body of in minus 11 degrees.
I do very unconventional things, all the time.
But one of the most Badass things I ever did, is going vegan, 5 years ago.
Against every opinion, against every 'good advice', against every remark, against every blame of being 'extreme'.
Feeling very lonely in that believe and way of living.
Because it's hard and frustrating and mystifying and exhausting to be the difficult one, although you are doing a good thing.


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More photos by Kaat Pype