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The Vegan Network Verne Charlotte Vandichel

Charlotte Vandichel

is a music teacher and athlete.
Photographed by Verne.
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How can we convince more people to eat more vegan?


Well, there’s never one path to a destination, right?

Of course we can show pictures of animal abuse, we can scare people by talking about their health being in danger,… It is indeed extremely important to show and to talk about those things…
However, I myself am more of a sneaky vegan ;)

Let me explain myself.
People are not the easiest species on earth. We have to deal with habits that build up over years, with ego’s, with stubbornness…. That’s why we often get an asshole (sorry) answer when we want to share our vegan lifestyle. Hi there, we just want to help! We just want you to feel great.

So I had to find ways to let people come to me instead of me to them. A different approach.
That’s one reason why I became an athlete. That’s why I make delicious food/ desserts.
That’s why my music lyrics contain winks to veganism. I just love to find creative ways to spread the message.
Whatever we choose to do, always keep in mind: POSITIVITY ATTRACTS.
If we choose to shine bright, people will want to be like you and ask you what your secret is. And that’s when it’s fun to drop the vegan bomb. :D wait for it.

It’s not about what we can’t do, it’s about what we CAN do. There are still so many doors to open.
We can increase the vegan assortment in shops. We can make some kick-ass food. We can write to magazines. We can make awesome clothes with a hidden message. We can choose to be an inspiration and get out of our comfort zones.

The sky is the limit. I’m ready! Are you?

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