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Dany Bovyn The Vegan Network Sidney Terneu Vegan

Dany Bovyn

is a logistician.
Photographed by Sidney Terneu.


What is your number one reason to be a vegan?


Because i care... I care for the animals. All animals, not just the fluffy ones in our homes. Cows aren't supposed to give milk all year long, animals aren't supposed to be killed for their skin/fur... and so on
I care for our blue planet... mankind ecological footprint is way to big! If everyone lived like western civilisation, we'd need 3.7 planets to support global consumption. The dairy and meat industries ar the most polluting en biggest users of fresh sweet drinking water on earth. There is lack of natural drinking water... eating less or no meat at all is a big step to preserve the levels of sweet water. The output of carbon dioxide is way bigger than all cars, boats, airplanes together.
I care... so i try to spread the word... try to convince people that we do not need meat. Eating vegan is way healthier...for yourself , and for the planet. We don't have 3.7 planets... we have only one ! And people , don't worry... there's enough protein available in a vegan lifestyle

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