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Enaida Lafertin The Vegan Network Sidney Terneu Vegan

Enaida Lafertin

is a female guard.
Photographed by Sidney Terneu.
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When was the last time you ate meat?


I went on a bus trip with high school and saw a truck with pigs in it. I thought they were cute and got all excited. Until my teacher said that at the end of the ride they would all die at the slaughterhouse. At that moment I got really sad and it hit me that I didn’t wanted to eat my friends anymore.

I was at that moment the age of twelve years. I struggled with food for a year until I totally got clean from meat. It was a hard time because my parents weren’t happy about it and teased me by cooking things that I loved that involved meat. But luckily I’m a stubborn person and succeeded.

So the last time I ate meat I was thirteen years old.

Now seven years later I know there are more reasons to go vegan. Like the environment and my own health. But my main reason are the animals. They don’t deserve the pain and terror people give them. Animals have the most purest hearts and they need to be treated that way.

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