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The Vegan Network Laurence Vander Elstraeten Eveline Versluys

Eveline Versluys

is a plant-based chef.
Photographed by Laurence Vander Elstraeten.
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How can we convince more people to eat less meat?


I think the answer to that is based on two important pillars: First, we need to convince people that a meal without meat is just as “filling” as a meat-centered meal. Second, we need to convince people that a meal without meat is just as tasty – or even tastier! - than a meal with meat. I find it fascinating that whenever I tell people I’m vegan, they always seem to say the same thing: “Oh, I totally respect your choice… BUT I could never go vegan because every time I have dinner without meat, I just don’t feel full enough. And… you know… meat is just so delicious! Bacon, am I right?”

So most people basically understand the reasons behind veganism, they just wrongly assume that a meatless diet won’t be as satisfying, either for their stomachs or their taste buds.

That is why I always try to showcase how delicious vegan food can be. When I’m giving a cooking workshop or doing a catering job, I always aim to wow and excite people. I integrate unique flavour combinations (if you haven’t tried black olives with pure chocolate already, you really should!), I use flavours and spices from all around the world, but more importantly, I give vegetables the attention they deserve. In a regular meat diet, vegetables often get neglected or are treated with little care (just a lettuce leaf on the side or some bland carrots smothered in butter).

With a meat-free diet on the other hand, you can truly celebrate the magical flavours in vegetables and cook them in ways you’ve never cooked them before. Celeriac fries dusted in black Cajun spices! Tempura-battered Brussels sprouts skewers with spicy peanut sauce! An entire cauliflower head stuffed with Indian lentil curry and roasted in the oven! Those recipes aren’t boring. Those recipes are definitely not bland. They are filling, full of flavour, full of versatility and full of love.

And once meat eaters realize that, the only thing they will say is: “Bacon???What’s that???”

More photos by Laurence Vander Elstraeten