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The Vegan Network Jeroen Moerdijk Frank Botman

Frank Botman

is an architect.
Photographed by Jeroen Moerdijk.
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What is your number one reason to be a vegan?


Logic. The main reason for me to live a vegan lifestyle simply comes down to logicality. Although most people wouldn’t relate veganism with logic--as it isn’t the conventional manner one is raised up and familiar with--it is, however, the most rational way to inhabit this planet.

First of all, living on a plant-based diet is logical in an ethical sense. There’s simply no concrete and solid argument for us as humans to consume other individuals and treat them as products instead of the fellow sentient beings that they are. In no way are we superior to animals nor are they superior to us. Therefore there’s no valid justification to let them suffer and be executed for our own greed, so-called convenience and taste buds.

Besides moral reasoning, veganism is immensely logic towards the future of our planet. The meat and dairy industry aren’t only responsible for a significantly large part of the total global CO2 emissions; it also uses vast quantities of water per “product”. Furthermore the global logistics of this industry in order to operate, together with the land use it requires to feed us humans, is highly illogical.

Linked to this sustainability issue is the matter of inequality it produces among the world population and the exploitation of other human beings whom are out of our sight (and apparently out of our minds). Why is it fair to let other people (in lesser developed countries) endure draught and the consequences of deforestation in order for us to overfeed ourselves with meat and dairy that cause these concerns? The greed of the west is a driving force within this affair as we are the highest consumers of products stemming from animals. Just like we aren’t superior to animals, neither is there logic that one human being is superior to the other, no matter where he or she is born.

Finally, due to all the health issues, such as several cancers and heart diseases that are caused by the consumption of meat and dairy, there’s no logic to be found in continuing this dietary convention. Plus, a plant-based diet prevents diabetes and is great way to obtain and regulate ones weight and health.

All these issues combined form an undeniable logicality for me to shy away from the traditional way I grew up with of nourishing myself. Additionally and retrospectively, it brings me great pleasure to discover amazing new food and meet fellow positive and conscious minded people that share this logical “alternative” path with me.

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