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The Vegan Network Janne Vanhemmens

Janne Vanhemmens

I am... Happy and Vegan.
Photographed by Kaat Pype.
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Happy And Vegan.
Is it the delicious vegan food?
No, really, tell us. What makes you this happy?


Skipping eggs, then milk, then every animal product was the beginning of a big transition in my life. By doing research on exploitation, different industries, circular economy, personal health and the environmental impact of my daily choices, I gradually expanded my scope. It went from plant-based food to active veganism, doing sports, getting sober and shopping second-hand. I met new people, got inspired, inspired others and felt magnificent. I also started my own business and moved back to vegan- and bike-friendly Gent.

Yes, I fly too often, sometimes buy useless disposables and regularly lose my patience. I could cry when the fries place uses beef fat and I actually cry when I see, read or hear about animal abuse. No, I'm not 100% there yet - but I've never been this happy.


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More photos by Kaat Pype