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The Vegan Network Berlin Wouter Van Vaerenbergh Jennifer Betse

Jennifer Beste

is a traveller.
Photographed by Wouter van Vaerenberg.
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Any guilty pleasures?


There are two things I just can't keep my hands off: One being chocolate (which seems to be quite a common phenomenon), the other being wine gum - vegan of course. Although I almost never get a craving for sweets out of nowhere, I sometimes can't stay away from buying them when I randomly see them in a grocery store. I always try to have a good balance between healthy clean nutritious foods and - rather not so healthy - soul food. Of course, I usually enjoy eating raw fruits and veggies a lot but sometimes I just like to have some chocolate, wine gums or other sweets. Due to the fact that I always make sure that my body gets all the vitamins and minerals it needs, I don't feel "guilty" when having something unhealthy every once in a while.

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