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The Vegan Network Nick Somers Jonathan Beaton Valentine Gallardo

Jonathan Beaton & Valentine Gallardo

are co-authors of the comic 'Lovely's, a vegan cookbook'.
Photographed by Nick Somers.
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What is your number one reason to be a vegan?


Valentine: Non-violence.

Jonathan: I have always felt compassion for animals but my behaviour didn't always reflect that; I only became vegetarian in 2009 and vegan in 2014. The catch-22 is that it’s hard to acknowledge there is an issue while you’re still a part of it. So my number one reason to be vegan would be to create awareness of the right of animals not to be exploited, to cultivate more compassion within myself and hopefully inspire others to do the same.

Now that the internet allows us to easily share scientific studies and plant-based cooking tips, we’re witnessing the rapid growth of the vegan movement and a growing awareness of the issue of animal rights. This makes me optimistic that we can, as a global society, overcome this catch-22 and enjoy all the benefits that come along with a vegan lifestyle: greater empathy and compassion towards both human and non-human animals, greater health and well-being, and a more sustainable relationship to the planet we live on... and that’s just for starters.
Despite being quite light-hearted and fun overall, our comicbook-cookbook Lovely’s also highlights the economic forces that sometimes make it hard for big businesses to do the right thing when it comes to animal rights, the environment, and public health.

Lovely’s is set to be released at Brussels’ first Vegan Street Festival on May 26, 2018.

More photos by Nick Somers