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Julie Scheurweghs

Julie Scheurweghs

is a pastry chef & photographer.
Photographed by Kaat Pype.
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Do you think being vegan makes a difference?


If I didn’t believe being vegan makes a difference there would be no point in being vegan.
Vegans strive for of a better world, one that’s free from oppression and suffering, and in doing so make a difference on a daily basis. Even though we might not always see the difference our actions have in the short term, we know that we are saving lives, opening people’s eyes, and in the long term opening hearts and changing minds.

Seeing as it is scientifically proven that we can live healthy, happy and long lives without eating (or wearing) animal products, I do not see how I could morally continue consuming products that cause an enormous amount of suffering to other beings. For me that also goes beyond the exclusion of animal products but also entails being conscious about what I buy and wear, making sure that the people that make the clothes I wear and plant the food I eat are working in safe circumstances and being payed fair wages for their work.

People tend to forget that change starts from within themselves, and as a consumer you actually hold a lot of power over the commercial market. What doesn’t sell will stop being produced. And we can already see the market changing towards producing more plant based alternatives. Event though we have a huge way to go, we are definitely on the right track!

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