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The Vegan Network Jef Boes Kaat Pype

Kaat Pype

is a photographer.
Photographed by Jef Boes.
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When was the last time you ate meat?


I clearly remember the moment: all by myself, in the sofa, my family had already gone to bed. On the Dutch television network, a documentary about animals broadcasted. I couldn’t believe my eyes: the mass production of the meat industry, the suffering,… My Disney image of animals was gone.
I woke up next morning and thought: I have to tell this to the world, because noone knows this, why are they broadcasting this in the middle of the night? We’re talking 1996, coastal Flanders, no social media,… My preaching was finished quickly, but I haven’t had any meat since. Luckily, but slowly, there’s hope now.

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