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The Vegan Network Jennifer Kesteleyn Kamila Kunda

Kamila Kunda

is an English teacher.
Photographed by Jennifer Kesteleyn.
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Any guilty pleasures?


I love food and I think good food is one of the greatest pleasures in life, as well as part of a social fabric - nothing beats cooking a delicious meal for your loved ones or friends. I enjoy rich flavours, combinations of various textures, aesthetically appealing dishes served on carefully chosen plates. I think eating right and taking care about more than simply taste: nutritional value, environment, pleasing the senses, is a matter of respect towards oneself and the world. Feeling guilty about eating is for me a sign of some imbalance in the relationship one has with food, as if food was to compensate for some shortcomings in life.

I have learned to deal with emotions, both negative and positive, in a more constructive way than indulging in eating food which is bad for me. Having said that, I admit that even though I don't have a sweet tooth and enjoy chocolate or ice cream (preferably vegan) only occasionally, once in a blue moon I crave salty and spicy potato chips. I use very little salt on a daily basis, so an occasional packet of paprika-flavoured chips doesn't make me feel guilty, but it is definitely a pleasure I enjoy indulging in.

When I was a child my sister and I used to share a packet of chips sitting next to each other and reading, each engrossed in her own magazine. We didn't speak and yet in my memory it was a very bonding experience. To this day I find sharing any kind of food eaten from the same packet, box or plate a kind of a ritual in bonding, something which brings people closer together.

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