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The Vegan Network Jef Van De Veire Kirsten Blom

Kirsten Blom

is a florist.
Photographed by Jef Van de Veire.
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How many days a week do you cook vegan?


I’m an avid vegetarian for almost 20 years now. I have never liked the structure and taste of meat. At first it wasn’t easy, there was little information available, but then with the arrival of bio-grocerie stores a whole new world opened up.
Nowadays I cook vegan whenever the opportunity arises. There are very few reasons to hide behind not to do it.
I think everybody should aware of the ecological impact their diet has and concider how they can improve on this.
In spring, summer and autumn there is a plethora of fresh vegtables on the market. Chargrilled together with a handful of fresh herbs is the way I love them most.

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