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The Vegan Network Lieven Bulckens Kwinten Delvaux

Kwinten Delvaux

is a sports nutrition consultant.
Photographed by Lieven Bulckens.
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How can we convince more people to eat less meat?


As a nutritionist I like to see you taking the step towards veganism and start replacing animal foods for plant-based foods with paying attention for some essential nutrients like vitamin B12. Experiment with different products and recipes to discover new tastes, flavours and textures and you will be surprised!

What about the combination veganism and sports? There are many athletes performing on a plant based diet. Google it! There are athletes running ultramarathons and athletes building muscle mass on a vegan diet. These people are living examples we don’t need animal products to live an active life.

To conclude; A vegan diet is the only diet I know that is healthy and sustainable for yourself and for the animals. Start today.

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