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The Vegan Network Pieter Michiels Ben Van Alboom Dreamcatchers

Lana Bauwens & Ben Van Alboom

Shelter owner & Journalist.
Photographed by Pieter Michiels.
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Do you think being vegan makes a difference?


Lana: I don’t really see it that way. For me, it’s more about a personal choice. The things that make me happy, what makes me feel good. Being vegan is just part of what feels right for me. In my view the world might benefit from being kind to animals and eating healthier, but I don’t believe being vegan will change the world. People will. Being kind to every single living being, taking responsibility for your own actions, being open minded enough to consider other people’s views on the world, being mindful of what other peoples lives might be like and consider that we are all one and the same even through our differences. That’s what I believe will make a difference, more than your choice of food, clothing or other things.

Ben: I do, actually. I wouldn’t have gone down this path if I think it didn’t. Over the years, I’ve noticed that the more people turn vegan or simply vegetarian, and are open about it to their friends and family, the more people become aware both of the negative effects the meat industry has on our planet and body, and of the positive effects that come with vegan cooking. And I’m not just talking health, but also about the discovery of new tastes, and ingredients. Meat and dairy just make people lazy cooks. Once you get rid of those, a whole new world opens up – an exciting world that I, to be honest, never knew existed. And the more you talk about that world – not preach, but talk – the more people get curious about it, and are willing to give it a try. Eventually, it’s about becoming more aware of what we eat, of the need for more sustainable and local agriculture – something we all benefit from, as a society, in the long run.

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