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The Vegan Network Eric Mirbach Leanne Mai Ly Hilgart Vaute New York

Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart

is the founder of a vegan fashion brand.
Photographed by Eric Mirbach.
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Do you think being vegan makes a difference?


Absolutely. What we eat, wear, and buy is a tangible vote for the processes behind it. So we are tangibly supporting with our money, energy, and time things that we then put in or on our bodies. If we don't think about it and passively participate in standard conventional choices - we often are supporting business practices and industries we would never support intentionally.

We become silent participants in industries and profit driven structures we don't believe in. If instead we choose to empower ourselves by choosing to buy, eat,and wear what we believe in, then we are supporting those practices that will then grow. Living vegan means supporting compassionate practices, and helping to grow companies and businesses that put our money and energy towards a future world where eating and wearing animals is a thing of the past.

Being vegan makes a difference in more ways though than I could ever express - to our bodies, to our peace, to the world and the Earth.

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