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The Vegan Network Wouter Van Vaerenbergh Leni Lecker Berlin

Leni Lecker

is an entrepreneur.
Photographed by Wouter van Vaerenberg.
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Do you think being vegan makes a difference?


All the difference.

Let me start with my story of becoming vegan. I had been vegetarian for quite a long time already and always thought that the logic consequence would be to turn vegan one day. But the day didn’t come and didn’t come. Then I met my inspiration in Rio de Janeiro. He was one of my Capoeira Buddies, with such a relaxed nature of being vegan; it just struck me and I thought that this is just my lifestyle. So I started researching vegan blogs, cooked vegan meals and visited the best vegan restaurant I have ever met ( Refeitório Orgânico).

With the day of my return to Berlin I turned completely vegan and now 5 years later I am even the founder of a Vegan4Dogs, and really happy by the way.

You know; I met only this one vegan in Brazil and it changed my life. Now I can inspire lots of more people by being vegan myself and by offering great options for a vegan lifestyle.

Being vegan makes all the difference. Animals Say Yeah!

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