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The Vegan Network Nick Somers Lennert Prinsen

Lennert Prinsen

is a sports teacher.
Photographed by Nick Somers.
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When was the last time you ate meat?


In primary school, I enjoyed a Freinet education, where you mainly do research about self-chosen projects. At the age of 11, one of our projects was animal abuse, so for this subject, we went to a chickenfarm and a slaughterhouse. After these visits, I got so disgusted about the meat industry that I immediately decided to become a vegetarian. How could we let all those animals suffer that much for our appetite? Ever since, 21 years ago, I have never deliberately eaten meat anymore in my life. It's only been half a year that I became a vegan. As I can remember, my last piece of meat was a hamburger after a soccer game. Now that smell gives me the shivers :).

Lennert Prinsen is a Sports teacher to 16-17 year olds. He also organises events about sustainability, and makes documentaries abroad about environment and climate, with his brother Quinten, under the name of Ecoprins.

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