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The Vegan Network Jeroen Moerdijk Linny Gorissen

Linny Gorissen

is a dancer and choreographer.
Photographed by Jeroen Moerdijk.
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When was the last time you ate meat?


I’m not really sure. I’ve always hated meat since I’ve been a little girl. My "need for meat" was never truly there.
The texture, the fact that this has been a living being..
In restaurants I always ordered the vegetarian option.
When eating meat at home (because I had to in the beginning) I kept it between my cheeks until my parents told me to spit it out. So I always looked like a little hamster while eating haha..

I’ve been vegan for 3 years now and before that I sparely ate meat.
The connection between the piece of meat and the animal that it has been was always there, I often literally saw the animal on my plate, but it wasn’t till I became vegan when I truly saw the unnecessary suffering and the story behind my piece of meat. And all those stories about the antibiotics used on animals also didn’t make it more appealing. So my decision became more conscious.

I just think that in this world meat is so unnecessary, there plenty more options (which are much more better for u too!) and the environment is craving for change. So I often ask people; why not make that first change on your plate?

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