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The Vegan Network Jef Van De Veire Lotte Bakker


is a student health sciences.
Photographed by Jef Van de Veire.


Do you think being vegan makes a difference?


I would still be vegan even if it wouldn’t make a difference at all, because I morally disagree with the industries veganism opposes and refuse to support them. But I do believe veganism makes a difference, just like every other action has a reaction.

Being vegan made me achieve a state of well-being that enables me to reach my fullest potential. Through veganism, I’ve met inspiring people that I now call my friends and discovered new and delicious foods and ways to prepare them. It feels like an accomplishment for the vegan movement to see more vegan products and companies every day, but I think we should aim for more.

The world revolves around a system that's based on the exploitation of human and non-human animals for profit. Veganism challenges this system, but currently still operates within it. As long as the economic system of capitalism and a cultural system that is still embedded in a patriarchal society remain dominant, I’m afraid veganism will remain a niche with little impact.

I think it's important that vegans remain self-critical and acknowledge veganism isn't a cure-all. I am, however, hopeful that veganism can make a difference in the world. It makes a world of difference to me.

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