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The Vegan Network Julie Scheurweghs Lotte Philipsen

Lotte Philipsen

is a journalist.
Photographed by Julie Scheurweghs.
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Do you think being plantbased makes a difference?


Absolutely. It might not immediately change the world when an individual decides to eat plantbased, but it changes their own world and plants a seed for a better world in general. Living a sustainable lifestyle has not once felt like missing out. Ever since I decided to change my eating habits I have eaten the most delicious food, talked to the most inspiring people, felt happier about my own life choices and reflected more on what I could do to make our planet a little greener. The sixties called and want their hippies back? Too bad, I’m staying put, because plantbased food is the future.

I hope to inspire other people to enjoy plantbased food because together we can and will make a difference. I don’t ask for admiration, because I don’t want to be admired for something that’s so easy. Eating plantbased is not a punishment, it’s fun and delicious – even with a raw fruits and vegetables allergy. It’s all about a state of mind. Old habits usually die hard, but I’ve never looked back when it comes to eating sustainably. If it can be this easy for me, it can be easy for most people.

Let’s not let this planet go to waste. Put your money where your mouth is and stop supporting one of the most polluting industries on earth!

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