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The Vegan Network Maya Bogaert Martine Prenen

Martine Prenen

is a health coach.
Photographed by Maya Bogaert.
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What is your number one reason to be a vegan?


The reason why I became a vegan is my profound love for the living, the wish to be a voice for the voiceless and the pain I feel when I hear cows cry for their calves. I was already a vegetarian but was really addicted to cheese until I saw and heard the suffering when we moved to the countryside. I also suffered from severe pains from artrosis in my feet, a pain that dissapeard when I began to eat plantbased. I am happy with this live, needed extra B12 injections the first year but feeling great. In my new book ( I am a healthcoach and write books & articles about healthy livestyle) that comes out in March I will try to explain as clear as I can be about a plant-based and healthy lifestyle - just as I did in my last book Menopower. I love to exploid new places where I can eat vegan. Starfish and coffee in Antwerp is simply delicious .

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