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The Vegan Network Julie Scheurweghs Maureen Nolwenn Richard

Maureen Nolwenn Richard

is a PR account manager.
Photographed by Julie Scheurweghs.
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How can we convince more people to eat less meat?


I’ve been vegetarian since 6 months so I am definitely not what we could call an early adopter but better later than not, right?
So I’m going to talk in my name here but for me the clic was realising that I’ve been burying my head in the sand for many years. I’ve always been an animal lover since as far as i can remember. But on the other hand, I was still eating meat. I was avoiding to see how the meat in my plate was “made”, ignoring the videos, avoiding the talks. I’ve been telling myself that it was probably not so bad. Realising the truth was the deal breaker.

I’ve started my journey through vegetarism with 40 dagen zonder vlees, an excellent action to accompany people in the first steps of eating less meat, deciding to become vegetarian or vegan. I also think the change can come with the development of more and more vegetarian-friendly shops and restaurants. Making it easier for people to actually eat less meat. Making it easy and attractive to make these choices, no false excuses anymore!

In the end, one thing I know is that I’ve never felt more myself than now.
So everyone should at least give it a try!

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