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The Vegan Network Laurence Vander Elstraeten Maxime Marien

Maxime Marien

is a forensic lab assistant.
Photographed by Laurence Vander Elstraeten.
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How can we convince more people to eat less meat?


For me the environment is my number one reason to stop eating meat.

Watching lots of good documentaries about the impact of the meat industry (and the fishing, the dairy industry) on the planet made me open my eyes big time!

Seeing the consequences of us eating animal products, not only on the planet but also on our health, made me take some serious actions. So one of them was stop eating animal products (in other words: eating vegan).

I think convincing people by telling what they are doing wrong and telling them what they should do instead is not going to help. I think we have to let them really see for themselves, through scientifically based documentaries, movies and commercials, what the consequences are when we eat meat.

In my opinion, all these (visual) forms should be available more easily and more positive messages should be spread on social media, television, through education, etc..

On smaller scale, giving a good example towards friends, kids and family definitely helps!

I’m a joyful, positive, powerful, feminine, plant powered vegan! :)
I will continue to spread the message!

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