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The Vegan Network Sebastien Van Malderen Michelle Kuijper

Michelle Kuijper

is a veterinary technician and model.
Photographed by Seb Van Malderen.
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Any guilty pleasures?


Pleasures? Too many to count!!! Guilty? Never ;-)

Wholesome vegan food in general is my Achilles heel. You can literally wake me up in the middle of the night for some fine vegan dining, either savory or sweet.

Cooking, baking and creating food, experimenting with structures and flavors, I love it. Spending hours in the kitchen comforts me, in a kind of meditative way. So mostly I create my own pleasures, and share them with my partner and other loved ones. Salads, oven dishes, curries and above all: smoothie bowls, desserts, chocolates and other sweet goods like pastry, raw as well as baked. They are seldom 'guilty', because I love to work with wholesome and fresh ingredients, using only healthy fats and avoiding (over)processed goods and refined sugars.

Maybe the guilt is in the fact that I tend to eat the batter when I bake sweets. One of the many benefits of vegan cooking and baking.

Perhaps eating processed foods feels more like quilty pleasure to me, because I mostly eat wholesome. In that case it would be Goody Good Stuff candy peaches, Ola's Swedish Glace or ice-cream from Prof. Grunschnabel & BoojaBooja, juicy plant-based hamburgers from Fry's, Fantastic Food's mock tuna and EVERYTHING cheezy! Salade Caprese with Veggie Filata moxxarella, tosti with Tofutti cheddah or a nice cheezy Daiya pizza... Mouthwatering!
But I must add, even though I can really enjoy all this, wholesome foods tend to make me happier on longer terms and I can really crave my veggies and freshmade goods after a day of processed-food eating.

Cravings... can also be very guilty. And very pleasant as well. My number one go to: 100 % peanut butter. I found myself sitting on my kitchen counter numerous of times, spooning out the jar... Preferably with some dates on the side. Oh and number two: pickles. I love pickles.

On top of the pleasure list: the complete menu of Mastino V pizzeria in Amsterdam. The best vegan and gluten free pizza you will ever encounter. Halleluja. Still, not that guilty though, since they are hand made with fresh wholesome products.

In the end, healthy or not, vegan food is always guilt-free <3

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