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The Vegan Network Jochen Decostere Lafilledo Murielle Scherre

Murielle Scherre

is a fashion designer.
Photographed by Jochen Decostere.
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How many days a week do you cook vegan?


My brain works in mysterious ways. I do not count in days of week. I try to listen close as I can to what my body craves. My dad always told me I 'have to change my daily dose of poison'. To not be a maniac about things. especially not when it comes to food. My body needs different food at different times. So i listen. When I cook for myself I mostly eat vegan. When others cook for me I am less specific on the vegan game. Being fanatic and strict has never gotten me anywhere. I set up rules for myself but life demands flexibility. When I was pregnant I ate fish. Since I live by the sea now I still eat fish from time to time. My beliefs are easy to stick to because I do not like dairy or meat. I do not like the taste. I do not like the idea of eating something I would not be able to kill myself.

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