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The Vegan Network Sebastien Van Malderen Natascha De Pasha

Natascha Huwae

is a plant-based caterer.
Photographed by Seb Van Malderen.
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What is your number one reason to be a vegan?


The first thing that comes to mind is that I love life in the broadest sense of the word. I became a vegan because I felt that we as the human race, were losing our humanity. I strive to be a person who respects his environment and all living creatures in it and I think that along the way we forgot that we need this environment to exist. We think we are entitled to every kind of food at any given hour, every moment of every year. To meet this entitlement we violate our environment and animals and because of that we violate our humanity. We are able to produce meat efficiently, without thinking about the circumstances of the animals. We fail to acknowledge that these are in fact living beings. We sacrifice tropical rain forest to produce even more and we are wrecking our planet. I think it's time for us to stop. If we want our planet to be healthy and livable and want to salvage the remains of our humanity, we have to look at our food in a different way. I hope to contribute through my catering company. To let people know that there are alternatives. That you can still enjoy food without it being produced at the expense of another living being. I won't stand on a soapbox, because then my message will fall to deaf ears. But through good food a lot can be accomplished. As the saying goes; "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach". I think that rings true to most of us.

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