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The Vegan Network Sam De Mol Robbert Geens Robbert

Robbert Geens

is a photographer and hotel host.
Photographed by Robbert & Sam.


Do you think being vegan makes a difference?


Ofcourse, I mean look at the media attention that vegetarianism and veganism receive these days. Slowly but surely even non-vegans have to notice that our supermarkets are adapting themselves to the growing demand for vegetarian & vegan food. That to me proves that we do have the power to change things on a larger scale just by standing by our principles.

But also in a smaller, social context I’ve noticed that a lot of our friends and family are very curious and admiring towards our lifestyle, rather than annoyed or ignorant. And it’s one thing to see the surprise on there face when we cook vegan for them and it turns out not to be just carrots and lettuce but a delicious, sophisticated meal. But it’s another if we visit them and they spontaneously start experimenting with plant based cooking. It shows how people are much more flexibel than they tend to think themselves. Some of us just need more than the idea of hurting and exploiting animals; they also need a social obligation. And that’s ok, because for them it’s an alternative way of discovering how comfortably healthy a vegan lifestyle can be.

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