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The Vegan Network Jef Boes Sam De Bruyn

Sam De Bruyn

is a radio host.
Photographed by Jef Boes.
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How can we convince more people to eat less meat?


If everyone would accept and believe the scientific facts & figures, we wouldn’t have to convince anyone… My husband was the one who first told me that a plant-based diet would be so much better for the planet and for our own physical health. He holds a PHD in Chemistry and works for a company that’s committed to make the Belgian industry greener. It wouldn’t be very smart to argue with him on subjects within his own field of study. So I believed every word he told me about this matter. As I realized that it wouldn’t be easy to explain our choices, I looked further for information that would be more comprehensible for people like me. People without fancy degrees.

It wasn’t that hard to find. Even Netflix has more than one documentary on veganism. Whether you consider skipping meat because of global warming, animal welfare, or because it causes Cardiovascular Disease,… Whatever argument might be your reason to give it a try, there’s a film about it. The problem, however, is that some of these documentaries are not very well made. That’s when people turn away. That’s when they don’t believe the very important message they should all acknowledge.

So let us all write better pieces in our magazines & newspapers. Let us make better movies, striking websites, recognizable radio, or any other form to spread the message. And let’s do so in an honest and coherent way. Let’s make it clear & easy to understand that even science has proven that it’s better for everyone & everything if we avoid consuming animal products.

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