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The Vegan Network Sam De Mol Robbert Geens Sam

Sam De Mol

is a baker.
Photographed by Robbert & Sam.


What is your number one reason to be vegan?


Initially, what shocked me the most was when I had a peek behind the production process of dairy and eggs in the movie Earthlings. The mass scale of this industry has made it evolve from the concept of a cosy farm with some cows and chickens to that of a factory stuffed with these animals who are being treated as if they were lifeless beings, without any sign of emotional conscience. Ideologically that’s a concept to which I cannot and will not contribute. The disadvantages of this choice, like the tastes I’d never taste again and the nutritional replacements I’d have to search, were a small offer for me in exchange for a life without hurting animals for my benefit.

Later I came to the point where I didn’t even believe in the cosy farm anymore, because I realized that milk and eggs used to be necessary consumer product in a time and place where there were not much other options. But today alternatives are so numbered and of high end quality that it’s ignorant to say that we’re forced to a non-vegan lifestyle just because of our own well-being.

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