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The Vegan Network Sarah Van Camp Vegan

Sarah Van Camp

is logistics manager.
Photographed by Valerie de Backer.


What's your number one reason for being vegan?


There has been a question on my mind for a very long time: Just because we have the power to control, exploit and thus hurt another creature, does that actually give us the right to?
I thought long and hard and my answer is no.

For years I danced around vegetarianism, pescetarianism and even going back to carnism. It’s a whole lot easier to pretend like eating meat and drinking milk is ok. Making a change takes energy. Taking a stand is scary and very alienating at times. So change was a process that came gradually.
Two friends whom I love and respect very much became vegan some years ago. For quite a while, it sounded extreme and far removed from what I believed were my own possibilities. But they kept me curious and the more I learnt about veganism, the more I came to see that the meat and dairy based society was the actual extremity.
Learning about the horrid persecutions carried out on billions of innocent creatures on a daily basis – we’re talking intelligent animals with complex social lives- made me question my part in it.

For me becoming vegan was easy once I had made the decision. It was as if I could allow myself to be free from hurt. It was a great liberation to walk through a supermarket for the first time and actively decide not to buy most in it. Most is crap anyway and giving the finger to all those processed foods feels good. I’ve never eaten better than I do today.

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