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The Vegan Network Julie Scheurweghs Sarah Vanbelle

Sarah Vanbelle

is an illustrator.
Photographed by Julie Scheurweghs.
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How many days a week do you cook vegan?


When I became a vegetarian, I really counted the days: three days a week, only during the weekend, only once a month, never,... Doing it gradually worked really well for me. Now I stopped counting, I guess we eat vegan about half of the week. It's always nice to discover a meal was vegan even if we didn't pay any special attention to it. Sometimes it's easy peasy.

A few years back, we ran a little short of money. We started buying rather cheap packages of vegetables at the local market. Cabbage number five, that's when the interesting things start to happen. You search for new recipes, new ways of preparing vegetables and how to use herbs. This taught me how to be a decent vegetarian cook. Now it's a real cooking feast when our parents bring us heaps of fresh vegetables from their garden.

Since last 'Dagen zonder Vlees' I try to eat vegan more often. It's not always easy though. I don't want to replace unsustainable dairy with equally unsustainable avocados. I still have to find my set of vegan tricks in the kitchen. Maybe my vegan aha-moment will come during the next Easy Vegan challenge, when there will be no comfy cheese in our fridge.

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