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The Vegan Network Jennifer Kesteleyn Stefania Maniscalco

Stefania Maniscalco

is a beta tester and runner.
Photographed by Jennifer Kesteleyn.
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Do you think being vegan makes a difference?


Yes, I do. First, after being vegan for 12 years I can say it made a difference for myself. I became more creative in the kitchen, I started to eat a large variety of fruits and vegetables I didn’t even know before (cherimoya is my favourite fruit), and with this new energy I started playing sports. Now, running is a big part of my life. Every time I visit a new place I always look for vegan restaurants to try and new dishes to discover.

Secondly, it makes a difference for the animals and the environment. Raising livestock requires a lot of water, feed crops and energy, when it would be more profitable using those resources growing crops directly for human consumption. Plus, the meat industry is one of the biggest responsible for today’s deforestation and CO2 pollution.

The topic is long and nowadays, with a quick google research, it is possible to find statistics and studies online to confirm the big impact that veganism has.
Personally, I believe it’s our duty to respect the only planet we have and its inhabitants, like we do when we enter somebody else’s home.

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