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Lies Engelen Vegan Steven Desair Photography

Steven Desair

is the founder of Eatmosphere.
Photographed by Lies Engelen.
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"How can we convince more people to eat less meat?


I think that the best way to make people eat less meat is by touching their taste buds with great vegan dishes. Too many people see vegetables just as a small side dish that is healthier than the meat or fish on their plate but not tastier. It’s up to us to inspire the art of cooking with vegetables. Make them discover the endless possibilities in flavors, textures, varieties, colors. That's also the magic we create at our restaurant in Brussels, named Mary Pop-in. I also believe in a step by step and positive approach to creating awareness. For a lot of people, it could be a process of ‘sustainable’ grown meat towards vegetarian towards vegan. Stop pointing fingers, encourage every person in his shift towards better, more humane and conscious eating at whatever stage they are. Change is always difficult for people and this approach will keep them open-minded. Which is necessary to connect with each other and our planet.

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