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The Vegan Network Jana Germanus Timo Mouton

Timo Mouton

is a digital marketing expert.
Photographed by Jana Germanus.
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When was the last time you ate fish


t's been some months now, but fish is one om my guilty "pleasures" sometimes. I find it very difficult to say no when I visit my mom and she has this delicious fish plate prepared from local fishermen. I was born a the seaside and raised with local foods coming from the sea. On the other hand I've always been very sensitive to animal suffering. I remember going fishing one day with my dad at the coast. When he was not looking I was throwing all the catch back into the sea. I just could not see them choking. I'm not very proud of this guilty pleasure and I try my best as much as I can to avoid eating fish.

All my life I've had periods of being a vegetarian, pescetarian, vegan and even omnivore. But for the last 5 years my focus has been on eating ethically, locally and healthy plant based. I've always been very empathic towards animals, so it really hurts to see them suffer. But I believe that becoming a vegan can be a step-by-step process for most people. Because if you are too strict and impose rules on people they will respond defensively.

Other reasons for me to eat vegan are the environmental impacts of the meat industry and the health benefits of eating more and varied vegetables that are organic and locally grown. For me being a vegan, is not about replacing existing animal-based foods with industrial meat replacers. Being a vegan, is all about being healthy and respecting nature, the environment and of course animals. Animals are intelligent and conscious beings with emotions. I really don't understand how anno 2017 we can still build an entire industry around horrible acts, killing and torturing of these beautiful living creatures.

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