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The Vegan Network Kaat Pype Vegan Wietse Van Der Werf

Wietse van der Werf

is a XX.
Photographed by Kaat Pype.
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When was the last time you ate fish?


Actually I was never a big fish eater but when I turned vegetarian at 12 years old, fish was definitely off the table - forever. I always had a love for the ocean and fish were animals to me, rather than the ‘quota’ or ‘tonnage’ the industry likes to call them. Also I started eating seaweed snacks and loved them. When I turned vegan 12 years ago the fish started taking on a whole other importance for me. Having worked in environmental campaigning since 1993 I started focusing on the overfishing issue and ended up training civilians as Citizen Inspectors to help monitor fishing activities and collect evidence of illegal activities for under-resourced public prosecutors. Now a few years on we are preparing to train unemployed youth with the help of young veterans of the Royal Netherlands Navy as Sea Rangers. They will be tasked with managing and regenerating Marine Protected Areas at sea and funnily enough - likely to assist with the maintenance of new seaweed farms that are to be constructed in the North Sea. So it’s all full circle for me. Go Sea Rangers!

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