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The Vegan Network Jelle Vermeersch Yves Drieghe

Yves Drieghe

is an entrepreneur and your The Vegan Network contact.
Photographed by Jelle Vermeersch.
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What is your number one reason to be a vegan?


Clear and simple: animals.

I’ve always had that special feeling with and for animals. Looking back at my childhood, I was the kid that crying about killing an ant or a fly. Watching a movie, I was (and still am) more sad about for a dog dying than the human being. I survived my teenage years fantasizing about saving all animals from fur factories or slaughterhouses.

Turning fourteen I wanted to adopt a vegetarian diet. My parents luckily agreed. Since then, except a few years of a troubled mind and eating animal products again, I live the happy life being a vegetarian and since nearly seven years being a vegan.

It doesn’t feel like a task whatsoever. I simply could not bare with the fact that all sensitive and intelligent animals would live trapped or died for my food, entertainment or clothing.

Right now, there is no way back. There is a momentum, a macro-trend,... I’d never thought we would be where we are now, but there is still a long way to go. With The Vegan Network we wanted to show all those amazing people, being vegan for their own personal reasons. People who raise the bar. To say thank you. And inspire others to become vegan too.

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